History - where we come from...

BWO was founded in January 1995 as a professional advertising agency. In March 1995 we moved to our new rooms in Mohrenstr. which is located near to Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz and the famous Gendarmenmarkt. Here we stay until today. The old building in the former East Berlin was built as the general representance of Allianz Insurance in 1924 and was used by the German Soviet Friendship organization during its GDR times. We had to do a lot of renovation!

Allthough BWO was founded in 1995 its roots go back to 1987 when Stephan Drooff established his first private business for corporate consulting and desktop publishing during his studies at the Berlin University of Technology. His friend and partner Philipp Oberhoff had long experiences in working in several advertising companies in Berlin.

The first clients of BWO were the Senate of Berlin (administration of traffic) and the Berlin Eagles, the local football team in the first division. Also some other clients like DER Deutsches Reiseb├╝ro (German Travel Service) and DeTeWe Kommunikationssysteme (communication equipment) gave us first jobs. In the field of conference organizing we started in 1995 with preparing the 18th International Conference for Software Engineering (ICSE) which took place in March 1996 in Berlin. By the way - this conference was the biggest success in this series of conferences outside the United States.

In 1996 we continued growing with clients like Berlin Tourism Marketing, the ICSE conference, Quinns of Berlin and again DER. We were now a little bit more established and expanded our personell and technical infrastructure. The first success stories of big projects gave us faith for upcoming jobs.

1997 was characterized by even more clients from the tourism and gastronomic industry as well as jobs from the Technology Foundation of Berlin or our first year serving for the Business Plan Competition from the Investment Bank Berlin. Not only some smaller conference projects but also CI projects and other tasks for scientific institutions gave us even more experiences in this area. And 1997 was also the first year we did some projects for Daimler-Benz (today Daimler) and their service company debis.

We are proud to say that we established new standards in communication design for these huge international companies. Other clients like DER, DeTeWe, Investment Bank Berlin, Kempinski Hotel or the Technology Foundation stayed (hopefully) satiesfied customers. In the area of event management we took care for smaller meetings like a workshop for the European Union, the conference party of the International Congress of Mathematicians (about 2,000 visitors) or other conferences like the Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communication or the Z User Meeting. It was the most successful year of our company and we expanded again by (you may have guessed it) renovating new rooms.

Now, in September 2018, we moved within the house to our new address Taubenstr. 1. Thanks to all of our clients!